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't Kristallijn

't Kristallijn is a socio-cultural initiative by Sibelco for the integration of culture and nature. Is is located between an extinct mining area and an active Sibelco quarry, forming a unique triangle of culture, nature and recreation.

Sibelco is committed to maintaining excellent relations in the region and has been operating a much appreciated policy of sustainable enterprise and mine exploitation for dozens of years. In this policy, care for natural riches plays a central part and restructuring the quarries is of pre-eminent importance in this endeavour. It is a point of honour for the company to re-purpose the extinct quarries in a unique way by integrating them once more into the local landscape. One perfect example is this site around 't Kristallijn.
Tuin 't Kristallijn (garden)
The area covers 39550m² and was transformed using designs by renowned garden designer Jacques Wirtz into part public park and footpath with views of the lake. The sandy and infertile subsoil are the perfect habitat for uniform groups of grasses (Miscanthus gracillimus), waving naturally in the wind. The large grassy sections visually blend into the surroundings and give the impression of having been formed by nature itself. Even in winter, the grey-beige colours of the dried grass maintain the visual structure.

Contact details

Blauwe Keidreef 3
011 55 36 98


Want to take pictures in the private garden? This is possible by booking in advance by calling 011 55 36 98

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