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Put van Rauw

In Mol-Rauw, close to the border with Lommel, you can walk along the sand pits and in the forests of 't Rauw.

The sand pits are erstwhile sand quarries where quartz sand was mined, known as the famous white sand of Mol. Partly on the initiative of sand mining company Sibelco, the pits were transformed into nature reserves. One of the sand pits connects to the nature reserves of De Maat in Mol and Blauwe Kei in Lommel. This is a paradise for walkers in winter as well as in summer. There is a beautiful and extensive inland lake boasting all kinds of animal and plant life. You will also come across 't Kristallijn, an exhibition space where great exhibitions are held on a regular basis. In the Quartz Experience Center you will find out more about quartz mining in the region.

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