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An adventure on the Pagadderpad is more than just a walk! It is a fun way for children to exercise and have fun in natural surroundings. Mother, father, brother, sister, dog,... everyone on an adventure together. The generous choice of activities and games helps to create a unique circuit through the forest. Plus, it is always open and free of charge!
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What can you do?

You won't encounter a moment of boredom on the Pagadderpad. Run in water, jump, balance, sprint like a rabbit, be sly like a fox, shoot pine cones, find animals, pull a boat like people used to in the past, play darts with pine cones....and a whole lot more. Challenges enough for young and old(er)! You don't need a ticket - just follow the yellow signs on the route and read assignments on the boards.


The Pagadderpad starts at the 37 meter-high Sas4 Tower in the neighbouring municipality of Dessel, where convenient parking is available. Some of the path then runs through Mol and actually stops just 50 metres from the municipal boundary!

What to take with you?

1. A towel 

2. The Pagadderpad is for water lovers as well as land dwellers. Are you a water lover? Then definitely take a towel with you so you can splash around or simply bathe your feet! But we have also marked a dry route for the land dwellers among you.

3. Picnic 

4. The Pagadderpad features a fantastic picnic location. Take your own packed lunch or order a picnic package in advance - mmmmmmm!

5. A backpack full of courage

6. At the start or end of your journey, you have the chance to gather your courage and show you are not afraid of heights by climbing the Sas4 Tower. 216 steps and 37 metres later, you will encounter fantastic views across the region’s lakes and woodlands.

You don't need a map because the little figure on the yellow sign will show you the way. 

Also look for this little figure during each assignment, because she will tell you what to do. 


Contact details

Nieuwedijk 72Z, 2480 Dessel


Always accessible

For whom

Especially for children

Suitable for wheelchair usersNo




Not necessary

Departure and arrival

Place of departureSas4-toren in Dessel


Yellow signs with 'Pagadder'


Picnic possibleYes
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