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Vergaderzalen Ecocentrum de Goren (meeting rooms)

Ever more and ever longer meetings... If only they could be held in natural surroundings and with well-equipped facilities, would they not be much more pleasant? Two rooms, each with seating for 20 people, which could also be joined into one single room. All educational facilities available. When the weather is nice, your meeting could take place in the sunshine, with water lilies at your feet and a nature reserve at your back.

To cater for larger meetings, De Goren provides a pleasant hall with seating for 132. There is a podium, a lectern and all facilities for lectures, film and PowerPoint presentations.
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Postelsesteenweg 71
014 81 66 07


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  • 2 meeting rooms, each with seating for 20 people
    1 hall with seating for 132


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