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Natuurgebied Duivelskuil (nature reserve Devil's Pit)

The devil's pit in Mol on the border with Bel (Geel). This is the most bedevilled water pit in the Kempen. The name says it all, this lake is home to the devil. How did the devil end up here? According to legend, he was flying through the sky with his entourage. Suddenly a terrible thunderstorm broke out. The devil was hit by lightning and tumbled straight down into the Volmolengoor.
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Ever since, the devil sits in hiding, waiting for someone to come near. Using his hook he will pull his victim into the devil's pit. Don't get too close to the water's edge and on no account go ice skating on this dangerous lake! The devil's pit hides more than just the devil. There are sunken bells on the bottom of the lake. Sometimes you can still hear them ring. Bells are magical, as the inhabitants of Mol are all too aware. When during the French revolution the bells were removed from the Sint-Pieter- en Pauwelkerk, the people of Mol could still hear them ring. Ding dong ding dong!

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