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Kempense Meren walking network

Wandelnetwerk Kempense Meren provides 270 km of lovely walking in the parishes of Dessel, Mol and Retie. The name of the walking network refers to the watery landscape which typifies Mol and Dessel.
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White sand mining in the region took place from the second half of the nineteenth century and created a patchwork of lakes, ponds and inland waters.  Many have turned into beautiful nature reserves, others are now attractive recreational areas. Cycling is sheer joy on the car-free tow-paths along the canals. On top of the Sas 4-Toren, where no fewer than three canals come together, you can enjoy a stunning view. Other interesting spots are the water mill on the river Kleine Nete in Retie and the Norbertine abbey of Postel. There is no better way to complete your walking day than by sipping a glass of abbey beer...Plan your own route on



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