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On the road with Lot & Bot

Are you going on the road with Lot & Bot? These 2 mischievous heroes take all children's sleuths on their treasure hunts, photo searches and adventures in Mol throughout the year.
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Lot & Bot on the hunt for a thief

Cycle the 18.5 kilometer route together with Lot & Bot, solve the assignments along the way and find the thief who stole the golden grain of sand! The participation brochure lists 10 suspects. On the basis of assignments that you encounter during the bike ride, you will receive tips that will bring you closer to the thief. Did you expose the thief? Then you will also find the golden grain of sand. Good luck!

Lot & Bot and the mystery of the missing golfballs

All golf balls have disappeared on the golf course. The police are puzzled and enlist the help of Lot & Bot to unravel the mystery of the missing golf balls. Scan the QR codes along the way and join the search for the perpetrator! The walk is 5.5 kilometers and is partly on unpaved roads.

Contact details

+32 (0)14 27 24 26

For whom

From 6 years


Free of charge

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