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Sint-Pieter en Pauwelkerk (church)

'The people in Mol should aim higher! Their church has a tower but no spire!' This old mocking verse has a kernel of truth, as tends to be the case, but also some untruth and a hint of envy. It refers to the poor stump which now tops our massive Kempen church tower and makes us think back with nostalgia to the beautiful spire that used to crown the building.

At that time it was the second tallest church spire in the Kempen at 85 metres. The spire was hit by lightning in the 18th century and burnt to the ground. Now the spire museum is housed in the Sint-Pieter en Pauwelkerk church spire. The tower is 55 metres tall. The museum is situated on five floors. All the exhibits and documents have some connection with the tower, church or carillon. The current carillon was cast in 1967 and has 49 bells, totalling 16,504 kilos in weight. There is a walkway bridge around the carillon allowing the visitor to enjoy a unique panorama.

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