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Spookhuis op de Hessie (haunted house)

The area in Mol-Ezaart next to Geel is called 'de Hessie' and is one of the oldest hamlets in Mol. According to folk legend, there was once a castle on de Hessie, surrounded by a moat, the 'Moelgracht'. The castle disappeared and houses were built on the old foundations.
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In one of these houses, the residents claimed always to hear footsteps on the stairs and in the garden at a quarter to one. The people believed that the sounds were caused by the ghost of a castle inhabitant who had committed suicide.
Was there really once a castle on de Hessie? Yes and no. There has always been some kind of defensive building in this spot. During the Eighty Years War, a sconce or hiding place was constructed here. There had probably been a motte-and-bailey castle here in the 11th century. This is a keep built on a man-made hill and surrounded ('moated') by a protective ditch. The keep had a moat and drawbridge. Research has shown that before the sconce and motte-and-bailey castle there was another defensive structure on this spot. This was apparently destroyed by the Vikings in the 9th century. All in all quite a turbulent part of the history of Mol, so it's perhaps no wonder that it is haunted.

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