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Watermolenhuisje (water mill house)

The water mill house is managed by environmental association De Gagel. Inside the building, the association has established a small exhibition about the various aspects of the river Nete.

The Mol watermill is located next to the cultural centre 't Getouw, an old woollen textiles factory. The mill is run by the environmental association De Gagel, which made it the home of environmental education centre De Beekjuffer.
'Beekjuffers' are calopterygidae, a type of damselfly of which there are two species in our area, the meadow and forest species.
The calopterygidae are typical of the area, which is not surprising as they need pure, flowing water. The basin of the river Nete is one of the most unpolluted in the whole of Flanders and is thus the perfect habitat for these damselflies. That is why 'Regionaal Landschap Kleine en Grote Nete' boasts the 'beekjuffer' in its logo.
The museum is aimed at groups and schools, with a maximum group size of 25.

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