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City Golf

Play a round of golf to targets and enjoy city golf at unique locations, including the marketplace. During this unforgettable experience you will discover secret hideaways in the old centre of Mol. Take up the challenge - the player using the fewest strokes is the winner!
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Why not try golf in the city rather than on a course? We use a lighter version of a real golf ball, which will not cause any damage. There is a mat in stead of a tee. Your target is not a hole in the ground, but an obstacle that is already present in the town. No golfing experience required, in fact, the less experienced you are in golf, the more fun you will have!

Contact details

Centre of Mol
Free parking Rivierstraat
0498 39 56 94


City Golf is only available by arrangement and is completely tailor-made to your requirements. Choose your own date and time!

For whom

Suitable for all ages. Also suitable for schools and families.

Number of PersonsA minimum of 4, a maximum of 250 participants


  • 20 Euros per person
    Enquire about our group rates
    All equipment, instructions, coaching and insurance included



Departure and arrival

Place of departureDienst toerisme, Markt 1a


3 km

Length Of Time

2 hours
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