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Lot & Bot search for golden grain of sand

Cycle quest for families
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Did you know that Lot & Bot had found a very old diary in the attic, which belonged to their great-great-grandfather Sus?

Grandpa Sus had actually helped to dig the canals in our municipality. When reading the diary, they discovered that he found a golden grain of sand when working in the region. This was the most stunning grain of sand in the world. Grandpa Sus took the grain of sand home with him and showed it to his wife. 

On a hot summer evening, the grain of sand was stolen and, unfortunately, grandpa Sus never saw it again. However, the diary contains clues that can help to find the thief. Will you help to search for the golden grain of sand? 

How the thief travelled: these were the drawings on the map

Cycle the route taken by the thief, solve the puzzles along the way and find the golden grain of sand. Lot & Bot are counting on you!

Want to hire a bike? Sunparks Kempense Meren +32 (0)14 81 72 52 or Zilvermeer +32 (0)14 82 95 00

Contact details

+32 (0)14 33 07 85


From April 3 to November 7

For whom

For families with children


For free

Departure and arrival

Place of departure Ecocentrum De Goren, Postelsesteenweg 71


16 km


Flyer (pdf)


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